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"Please allow me to introduce myself

I'm a man of wealth and taste..."




Carlo is an Italian photo art director and very expert retoucher with solid conceptual thinking skills to successfully communicate brand identities.

Beauty, advertising, portrait and fashion commercial are the main activities.

Carlo appreciates simplicity in all things and believes that it is the ultimate sophistication.

He has over 20 years' experience, mostly in the very competitive market of Milan.

He has also developed an excellent in-depth understanding of RGB/CMYK workflows,

color correction and post-production processes.

With thorough knowledge of photography, post-production and current trends,

Carlo excels at producing the highest standard of work, from ideation to final production.

Nowadays he is based in Genoa, but he is often traveling over Italy and Europe.

our mission is Promote

your awesome brand
Looking always the best way to promote your brand with photography,

that's generally what I do. I am a professional photographer , so what  i need before to start is an idea for a good image doing salable your product,

and when you have the idea clear in your mind ,light, styling and every part of the process will be really connected.

You have to study the product and plan every detail some days before the shooting, you can also use color palette for help in mixing color, but sometimes is enough your taste. Nothing happen just for lucky.

adv Works

some of my work

After introduce myself with words , let me show you few sample of my work,

every image is made with passion and love for my work , and also when the subject are different

people, a brand product or models ,

I always will put all my skills in everything I do, after years this is part of my life.

attractive girl wearing a swimsuit bikini ready for a summer day on beach , she has sunglasses old fashioned , and a white hat, she is posing on beige background
sexy naked woman with long blond hair laying down on white with some pastry near her in act to eat them, she has some pastries on her back.
Emotive dark portrait of a blond young woman with hair style and naked shoulder on black background
gorgeous woman in theatrical pose in beauty portrait with perfect skin and creative black painted make-up on her visage and on her hair
Sitting sexy girl with transparent shirt, black lingerie and stockings posing with long blonde wavy hair,. stylish make-up and charming sad expression
Beautiful, gorgeous, mysterious brunette girl with nice smooth hairstyle with straight fringe, wearing red top and big ol fashioned necklace.
portrait of attractive young blond naked woman with some carnation purple flower around one arm
glamour fashion portrait of sexy young female lying on black sofa with sensual lingerie and long blonde hair
sensual blond woman , in black lingerie and stocking sitting in elegant indoor. looking in camera.
fashion shoot of young elegant girl with cute hair-style and make-up, black dress and golden jewellery
super model very beautiful looking in camera very sensual , wearing an elegant outfit , fucshia , with nice jewelry , posing on dark green background.
beauty close-up portrait of pretty blonde girl applying white cream on her perfect skin. Cosmetics treatment

what we do

From around 10 years I work with another photographer ,

let me say also a friend, Paolo Airenti,

and we share our experience for the best result, everyone of us have a special different skills.

This make us a very strong team, that's because we have the possibility to work in different trade,

from beauty with models , portrait with people , to advertising and food still life.

Every work is made with professionally , attention and love for this incredible and fantastic work.

If you wish you can download our brochure.
pretty brunette with long  hair laying down and some locks on the face and the neck, she looks at left


The beauty portrait is a great challenge for every photographer, on the one hand you have a beautiful face to photograph, a good make-up artist the same for the hair stylist, on the other hand after the day of shooting, even if everything was perfect, when you look at the images on your monitor you start to see a lot of imperfections, and you know that you will start with hours of retouching, trying to do everything looking perfect but not fake. Sometimes because the money and the time always rushing , I cannot do the best I wish, but in every case I want to see the customer happy.

beauty Works


The biggest mistake is thinking about the commercial photography like a simple work to do, unlucky is not exactly in this way, just for example, think about a bottle or better a jewel, if you want your customer happy you have to respect the reality, look at the image on the right, each stone has been separated in post-production to make the color and as close as possible to the real one.

And this is only the beginning.

commercial Works
still life

still life

Precision, years of experience, hours and hours of training for find out the right light for every different product, and also we cannot forget a perfect post production, the obsessive attention in every single details, this is what a still life need.

Everything else is just fairytale.

still life Works


Portrait photography is about capturing the essence, personality, identity and attitude of a person, but is not important if the person is a model or an actor, a white-collar or blue-collar, a pregnant woman or mother with child, before to use grunge background, stunning light and your expensive camera, first of all you should use your brain, talk with people and understand what they expecting from the shooting,

This will make a great portrait for sure.

So if you want to have a portrait or a look book feel free to contact me.
portrait Works


In every photo you do there is always a bit of fashion, of course if we are talking about work what make a good fashion photo ?

Beautiful and talented model, great hair stylist, great make-up artist, great stylist, and of corse a stunning dress, I just wondering what the photographer is doing on the set...... o yes......look after everyone to prevent them from arguing with each other.

fashion Works


Glamour, "a form of photography involving the taking of pictures of models which are intended to be erotic without being pornographic". I do not want to start a debate on what is right or wrong about this sentence , what I tell you for sure is,

I try sometimes to make people feeling sexy, always with a good taste,

So if you are looking for sensual images of woman’s beauty , you are welcome , but if you think to find just erotic images , I am very sorry , but you will be very disappointed , so please go over.

glamour Works
very beautiful girl with stylish make-up, freckles, long natural hair and lace panties lying on comfortable bed in relaxation with a cup of tea or coffee and some magazines. She is looking in camera
pretty brunette with long  hair laying down and some locks on the face and the neck, she looks at left


A very great satisfaction for every  photographers  is to share their own work with the other people , nowadays is very easy to do it on internet, you have a lot social network, but when you can see your work printed on a cover book or magazine, you do not need any like, you perfect know that your work will be shared with thousand of people.This will be a great satisfaction.

editorial Works


In the last few years, selling your products through the web, can help your firm in keep on growing, thats why the images rapresenting your product must be perfect and with appeal, so from shooting to post-production, with models or still life,

we can manage your E-commerce with professional skills, helping your business to grow.

e-commerce Works
very beautiful girl with stylish make-up, freckles, long natural hair and lace panties lying on comfortable bed in relaxation with a cup of tea or coffee and some magazines. She is looking in camera

get in touch

I hope , that you like what you have just seen, if you have any interest in my work ,

if you think I can be a good solution for your business or just you simply need some images for you or your brand product,

fell free to contact me , will be happy to give you any further information.

In the meantime my best wishes , Carlo Dapino .

Based in Genova , 16145 Italy
+39 335 8160752

Let me Know

If you have any question, just write me an e-mail,

and we will answer you back in few hours.